Graphical view of bid matrix

As a production planner, I want to quickly evaluate the bid matrix. As the matrix always ends up with a huge number of columns, I want a graphical view that summarizes the matrix. My suggestion is to take all hours in every scenario, and sort them by price. With rising price, you should get a rising volume. There will be necessary to filter the results as for example start/stop would make datapoints that is not on the trend line. In the graph it would be interesting to be able to compare tomorrows volume/price-graph to todays, or any other given day or time of day. This graphical viewing is interesting both on the total matrix and on plant level.

NewGathering Interest

Thanks Bertil, a graphical view of the bid matrix is something we have discussed internally in the team multiple times, so we appreciate this input! Your suggestion sounds like one of the better ways it could be implemented 👍  Adding this feature to the product is not yet on the roadmap, but @Marte Nielsen can elaborate on that.

Would be interesting to get more opinions on this topic from others at Hafslund or Lyse (cc @Sindre Tøsse)!


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