Major release

Cognite Data Fusion Release: August 2022

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Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) makes data do more. This release focuses on rapid, reusable, and scalable industrial data science by introducing new code and non-code solutions. Read more below or watch the videos to learn all about the improvement in this release.


Cognite Charts

Cognite Charts is a graphical user interface that lets domain experts explore data and trends and perform troubleshooting and root cause analysis. No programming skills are required to use Cognite Charts. Read more


Cognite Functions

With Cognite Functions, you can deploy and host Python code for additional calculations and models using the data in CDF. Cognite Functions offers Python functions as a service, reducing the effort and expertise needed to deploy solutions using CDF data. Model data in your programming language and according to your company or industry standards, then call the code on demand or schedule regular runs. You can deploy Cognite Functions using the Cognite API, the Cognite Python SDK, and the CDF user interfaceRead more


Improved Transform data page

CDF Transformations has a new user interface to guide you through the process of transforming data from the CDF staging area to the CDF data model. The new interface is fully backward compatible with existing transformations. Read more.

Transformations user interface

Improved Extract data page

The improved Extract data page makes it easy to find your best fit extractor and the installation files. You'll also find links to the Cognite Python and .NET utils packages and SDKs to get started creating a custom extractor. Read more.

Improved Explore data page

  • Files are grouped by their document type on the Files tab.
  • The search bar is moved to the top of the page and displays the search results count on resource types.
  • You can reset your filters, and a red badge indicates that filters are applied. You can also collapse the More filters section.
  • We've improved the navigation when you search for a tag in an engineering diagram, such as a P&ID.

New Annotations API

CDF can detect references to tags and assets in engineering diagrams, documents, and images. The detections are often called annotations. The new Annotations API introduces strict schema validation to avoid invalid annotations and a well-defined flow for suggesting, accepting, and rejecting annotations. The API also enables third-party applications to enrich documents in CDF with custom annotations. Read more.

Ensure geospatial data integrity using data sets

The geospatial endpoint is the entry point for resource types enabling storing and querying item collections with a geospatial nature. You can now use data sets to document and track data lineage for the geospatial features and feature types. Read more.

3D models

You can now upload 3D models in IFC open file format to CDF enabling using CDF to process and host Building Information Models (BIM). 

Hi, when I clicked the link Read more under Cognite Chart section, it diverted to error below:


The link is fixed now. Thanks for reporting! 

Hi it looks like link you provided for Cognite Functions API documentation points to experimental. Would this one be better?

Link updated. Thanks for informing.