PI Extractor - support for writing metadata to RAW table

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We have a task to standardize time series metadata for Celanese, which includes removing some fields. If we remove a field with a transformation, it will be re-added shortly after by extractor update. Currently, we do not find any “natural” way of modifying metadata fields belonging to time series. 

A possible natural way of doing this would be if the PI extractor could upload TS objects and metadata separately. In this way, metadata could be stored in a RAW table. Based on this table, transformations could be written to update the dataset with the correct metadata fields. 

Reach out for more information. Please provide input on if and when this could be available. 

See slack discussion here.

Let’s pick this up in our upcoming conversation.  I’m the Product Manager for this service / feature request.

NewGathering Interest

Regarding the status on this, will this be planned for December release?

I was mistaken in my earlier reply to this, @Jørgen Lund is PM for this request.  The request has been assigned to him internally since the Hub post was created, so he is aware of it.

I confirm this will be planned for the December release.