New to Cognite Data Fusion? Start here!

  • 16 December 2021
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New to Cognite Data Fusion? Start here!
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Understanding new technology can be challenging. If you’re asking yourself where to start learning about Cognite Data Fusion (CDF), Cognite's experts are here to help!



You can choose to work with a self-paced e-learning path or attend a full-day live virtual training. Either way, after passing the assessment at the end, you’ll earn a certificate and you will gain the Onboarding badge here on Cognite Hub.

Both the self-paced and the live virtual training are suitable for technical and non-technical audiences. No coding knowledge is required. Upon completion, you'll be ready to start learning the different ways of using CDF that come with your specific role.

Choose the training that suits you the best:


The new Cognite Data Fusion Fundamentals learning path on Cognite Learn, our e-learning portal, teaches you what Cognite Data Fusion is by walking you through its building blocks and the value they bring to industrial organizations. The second part of the learning path guides you through the fundamentals of using CDF. You will be integrating, contextualizing, and consuming industrial data with CDF to solve a simple use case. In a dedicated discussion here on Cognite Hub, instructors and peers will answer all of your questions about the course materials.

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Live Virtual Training

If you prefer to connect live with instructors and peers, you can attend a full-day virtual training. In this training event, Cognite Academy Engineers first introduce you to the value CDF brings to industrial organizations. Then you will have an individual work session to dive into the Cognite Data Fusion Fundamentals learning path. While you’re working through the courses and solving a use case with CDF, the instructors will be available in the live session to help you. At the end of the training, you’ll join a wrap-up session, reflect on your learning, and check your knowledge in a quiz.

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