Update to Data Modeling documentation

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We've published a major update to our Data modeling documentation at

Amongst the highlights are:

  • Improvements and clarifications on the conceptual presentation of Data Modeling
  • Improved recommendations how to best leverage the Data Modeling Service (DMS) APIs to build data models
  • Restructuring for improved readability, navigation and future additions of practical examples and guides.

We'd love your feedback and suggestions for future content.

Hello Terje.


I think this doc says "edges" when it mean to say "nodes". Is that right ?


Simplified view

Here's a simplified view of the graph displaying only the edges:



Thanks for the keen eye! You are quite right, the documentation is misleading for this example. We’ll correct i t ASAP.

Best Regards,


🦅 ! Now I need a prize: Would you address me  a cognite academy about FDM ? (hands on would be nice). 

Hi @michelnegrao,  great to see you so engaged with the documentation! Cognite Academy is working on courses on data modeling. First, we will address the concepts with industrial examples (expected in December). We will share the course on Cognite Hub.