Major release

Cognite Data Fusion Release: June 2022

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This June release has several improvements for the end-user and the developer.



View more details in complex CAD models

To see more details and better understand the facility, we've improved the visual quality when you view large and complex 3D models.

Also, we have improved the 3D processing pipeline and the load performance so that you can load geometry while the camera is moving. Note! To take full advantage of the improvements, you need to re-upload any 3D models processed before March 2022.

A better user experience signing in to CDF

Signing in to the CDF user interface can be cumbersome if you don't know the authentication setup in your organization. With the new CDF sign-in flow, you only need to enter your organization's domain name and specify which CDF project you are signing in to. Your organization domain name is usually your company name spelled without spaces or an abbreviation of the name.

Add your customer logo to the sign-in dialogs for a more personalized experience.

Authenticate your CDF solutions

To allow the developer to focus on solution development instead of setting up authentication infrastructure, it's now possible to authenticate for solutions built on top of CDF without writing multiple lines of code. The @cognite/auth-wrapper is an OpenID Connect/OAuth 2.0 wrapper library written in JavaScript. It helps you retrieve an access token from any IdP that meets the OpenID standard, making it easy to sign in with our JavaScript SDK. Features in the authentication wrapper SDK include:

  • NPM supported auth package
  • Support for multiple auth flows
  • Detailed documentation on how to use the package
  • Detailed documentation on how to navigate key IdPs (i.e., Azure AD)

Search, filter, and sort data in the CDF Data explorer

We've polished up the CDF Data explorer to make it easier to find the data you are looking for:

  • You can reuse any Search and Filters you have defined. Simply copy the URL and share it with your co-workers.
  • The search criteria you enter in the Search bar are now kept when you toggle between the different tabs in the explorer.
  • On the Files > File details tab, you can scroll up and down the list of metadata to find what you're looking for.
  • We've added a notification to let you know that you cannot upload files greater than 5GB.
  • You can now sort in the metadata tables.
  • We've fixed reported bugs and general styling issues.

Increased number of columns for sequences​

Sequences now support up to 400 numeric columns (up from 200) and 200 string columns. Read more.

DirectQuery support for Power BI (Early adopter)​

DirectQuery is a feature in Power BI that enables you to fetch data on demand and build Power BI dashboards with hundreds of time series and thousands of data points. With DirectQuery, no data is imported or copied into Power BI Desktop. Instead, Power BI queries CDF for the data every time you interact with the dashboard.

Cognite Data Source for Grafana

The Cognite Data Source for Grafana now supports the CDF relationships resource type. You can fetch time series based on relationships in the Time series from asset tab and filter the relationships on data set, labels, and active relationships based on the time filter selected in Grafana. The new Relationships tab allows you to use Grafana's Node Graph visualization plugin or the new (alpha) custom visualization plugin available at cognite-grafana-relationships-visualization.

Templates support (Early adopter)

We've added a new Templates tab to support the CDF Templates feature. Using templates with Grafana allows you to scale your dashboards dynamically when you add equipment. You can enable this feature in the data source settings.

Read more about Templates and Early adopter.

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