ARCgis connector for Seismic CDF

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Direct tool\data bridge to bring CDF data into ARCGIS without data conversion.

This could be API plugging into ESRI ArcGIS or bridge via for example FME (future manipulation engine) export from CDF via FME to SDE SQL geodatabase.

Mainly we would like to be able to display CDF generated survey products outlines and attributes in GIS to help with sales. We could use this data in ArcGIS desktop but also integrate with data on our web maps and applications.

Hi @esgrim thanks for the insight. I would like to ask you a question, when I read your message I interpret that you are seeking one way connection, I mean from CDF to ArcGIS? or would you need to bring data from ArcGIS to CDF?

Currently creating a connector CDF - ArcGIS is not part of the Cognite roadmap, however it is very important for us to understand the need and desired workflows in case a decision to support this 3rd party connection is taken. 

Thanks in advanced for all the information you can provide. 

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Hi Elka

We are for the time being only seeing a one-way communication here, meaning from CDF to ArcGIS. 



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Thank you for the input Espen! FYI @gedi and @Thomas Sjølshagen in case you could provide some information about the experimental work we have done around MVT standard to visualized data in ArcGIS from CDF?

Hi @esgrim,

if your data should be read from CDF and visualized in ArcGIS, then we have the option of using the Mapbox Vector Tiles (MVT) standard that we support in the geospatial api (experimental), implementing the WFS standard in the geospatial api would also be an option. Does any of these standards fits your needs?

Please let me know here or via your Cognite contact if you’d like to know more how this can be done to solve your business problem.

Gedi on behalf of geospatial team

We would like to have the ability to:

  • Import directly from CDF to a geodatabase hosted in MS SQL Server


  • Have the ability to view vector points, lines and polygons within ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Enterprise, and ArcGIS Online, with the ability to view and query the attribute tables, and modify symbology
  • Have the ability to view such data in a web map either directly from a service or publish our own feature services

A WFS may be suitable, but we would have to check with a sample service first.

Can you help please?



Hi @Tim Hudson , thanks for reaching out. 

It seems we can help you to to import data from CDF to MS SQL Server. However this could be solved by creating a custom solution. I will leave @Abul Fahimuddin to engage with you and/or @esgrim in further discussions on how to proceed. 

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Thank you for your product request. Based on previous inputs, it seems that this request could potentially be addressed through a custom solution. However, as developing such a connector is not aligned with our current product strategy, we regret to inform you that this ticket will be closed.

We appreciate your understanding.

@Anne Eiken I am tagging you here in case you would like to follow with the customer on how to implement the custom solution. 

Best regards,

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