Release 1.22 of Cognite Maintain

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Hello from the Maintain team!

We’ve been focusing heavily on the future of scheduling. We’re happy to release significant changes to this feature as well as updates to the workspaces functionality and a standard slew of bug fixes.

Scheduling upgrades

We’re introducing several new upgrades to our scheduling component, and laying the foundation for upgrades to come!

  • You can now create operations. These operations are tied to Maintain and are used for ‘noting down’ new operations that are required. Once you have finalized your changes, you can export these and add them to your source system (e.g., SAP).
  • You can adjust the granularity to see your schedule in a dayweekmonth, or year view - making it easier to view longer-lasting plans.
  • You can drag and drop operations to reorder them to make the most sense to your plan.
  • Drag and drop bars are now more user friendly and easier to do.
  • The trade matrix will now use the number of workers as a baseline instead of the number of work hours each day. This will be the foundation for the teams concept coming up the next half year.
  • We’ve given the page a new design refresh to make the experience cleaner and easier to use.
  • Finally, we have added a selection of filters for you to use specific to the scheduling page. For example, filtering by the type of operation phase (Pre, Post or Exec).

Workspace upgrades

  • We’ve given the stamp tool a redesign.
  • We also have added a base set of P&ID symbols that you can use as stamps.
  • You can upload images to CDF and use as stamps.
  • If a document physically covers another document on the page, you can now move it between layers.
  • You can now swap between pages of a PDF.

Integrity and Major Risks Dashboard

We have made multiple changes to improve the performance of the IMR-dashboard.

Other updates

  • We have improved the filtering options selection to be more performant and included the number of options this filter has.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with rendering suggestions.
  • Comments tool in workspaces now works again.
  • Fixed issue where the material status did not show on work orders.
  • This release also contains bug fixes to improve performance and user experience.

Behind the scenes

We’re looking forward to booking meetings with super users from our customers to start validating our roadmap plans for the upcoming months! Several users have raised some exciting ideas that we are developing a concept around. We hope that these will further increase the value of Maintain going forward. Head on over to the Maintain Group on Cognite Hub to learn more about specific features, what’s to come, and post a question if you have one!

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