Release 1.13 of Cognite Maintain

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We are happy to share release 1.13 with you all! 

A big chunk of the work in this release is not visible features, but background changes. We have been working towards a goal to remove a big and time consuming request. Instead of one request, we are getting the parts of the data we need, only when and where we need it in order to enhance the performance of the initial load.

We have also fixed bugs and implemented several improvements:

  • Using the Segmented Control component to switch between 3D/2D view
  • Several typo fixes
  • Black border on 3D view on big screens is now removed
  • Toggling risks on/off on 3D view works again

We hope the improved loading time of the application is experienced as significant, and that it will contribute to easier use of  Cognite Maintain! 

Any feedback or comments are as always most welcome! Just send them to me at :) 

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