Release 1.11 of Cognite Maintain

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We’re excited to release version 1.11 of Cognite Maintain!

We have enabled a help center in the application to provide you with useful tips on how to use the application.

To access the help center, click ? in the right top corner of the application. A side panel will open containing useful links to the documentation, as well as walkthrough cards that cover central features of Cognite Maintain. Currently, there are two guides on how to create and optimize a Scope. Guides for Schedule and Report will be added in the near future.

The 3D viewer now uses Reveal version 1.5, which enhances the 3D model performance. We have added tips on how to navigate in the 3D viewer, and how to slice the 3D model using the new slicer in the toolbox in the bottom left corner of the 3D view.

To increase the speed of Cognite Maintain, substantial work has been done to enhance the performance. We have developed enrichment services to consolidate the api calls to prevent hitting the api call limit on browsers.

We have also improved the filter functionality. The string search handles multiple values and makes it easier to create a scope based on multiple IDs. These are separated by line change.

As always we welcome all feedback and ideas for improvement!
Reach out in the forum or to me directly at :grinning:



Mari Sofie
Product Manager



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