Upgrade Notification

Recommended upgrade of Cognite Functions (Only for Customers running in Azure clusters): January 2023

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On November 23rd, we upgraded Cognite Functions to use a newer runtime version on Azure, and Azure recently deprecated the older runtime version. Consequently, we advise users to recreate functions dating from November 22nd or earlier, as newly created functions will automatically use the newer runtime.

Note: Functions dating from November 22nd or earlier will continue to work, but Microsoft will not continue support with new features, security patches, and performance optimizations for those functions.

Hello Ankit - 
Recreate the function, are you referring to this section of the Documentation?

Hi, Taylor.

Yes, that is correct. Recreating simply means first deleting the function and thereafter creating it again. If you’re using the cognite-sdk, that means running “client.functions.delete()” and “client.functions.create()”.