New landing page - let us know what you think!

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New landing page - let us know what you think!

New landing page is live

Historically, it has been a bit overwhelming to get started when logging in to Cognite Data Fusion, given that a modern Industrial Data Cloud platform has so much to offer. As announced earlier in June, we have now introduced a new clean and simple landing page guiding you to what is relevant for you. We hope this aids in the onboarding to the platform, relevance to your day to day job, and that you quicker will find useful resources such as documentation, online training courses, support and our community here on Hub.

We are experimenting with “recently opened” and “resume your activity” to help you jump right back in where you left off. In this release, the functionality covered in the “resume your activity” feature is limited, covering Data Catalog, Transformation, Data Models - and we are very eager to hear back from you what you think.

Going from..


To this!

We hope you find the new landing page useful and valuable. We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments!


Hi! Just a quick feedback from an UX perspective. I believe that the new UI does not reduce the number of clicks you need in order to reach your goal. The original overview was a better when you wanted to find the tool you needed because you could see all the tools. 

Regarding the quick access. That could still be part of the homepage, but it should take only a small part of the screen on the right / left / bottom / top.


Thanks for the hard work! 

Hi @tibor.vancza, I appreciate your feedback!

We are currently evolving this landing page, based on the usage patterns we see. We want to make the landing page more dynamic so that you see what you care about - and can reach it with minimum number of clicks. I’ll be making an update during Q4 with new development and plans!