Data Explorer Release: Cognite Data Fusion

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In the last months we released several improvements in Data Explorer, Cognite Data Fusion UI. This is a first release post dedicated to Data Explorer and more will come. 

We have continuously releases and planning some exciting features in the following months so stay tuned 🙂. We are revamping the whole user experience and we are really happy to get your feedback as we iterate. Please share your feedback and submit requests, we are constantly checking them out and integrate them in our product development. 

New features:

  • The search bar is moved to the top of the page and displays the search results count on resource types.
  • Search improvements for Files name: better ranking by bringing the best matches first and adding support for partial match search for file name.
  • You can reset your filters, and a red badge indicates that filters are applied. You can also collapse the More filters section.
  • We've improved the navigation when you search for a tag in an engineering diagram, such as a P&ID. You can also choose to see the initial P&ID without the hot links by using the “Hide annotations” checkbox.
  • When using time series, the Time Zone info is now available at timestamp hovering.
  • Files are grouped by their document type on the Files tab. And it’s easier to distinguish the file types as now there is a specific icon and the file type name is more readable.
  • You can reuse any Search and Filters you have applied. Simply copy the URL and share it with your co-workers.
  • You can now sort in the metadata tables.
  • When using relationships, there is a new column added which specifies if the resource type is a source or a target in a relationship.


Fixed bugs:

  • The search criteria you enter in the Search bar are now kept when you toggle between the different tabs in the explorer.
  • On the Files > File details tab, you can scroll up and down the list of metadata to find what you're looking for.
  • We've added a notification to let you know that you cannot upload files greater than 5GB.
  • Now it’s possible to download metadata with data points for a given timeframe.
  • The applied boolean filters are now showing up on the filter button when closing the side panel.
  • When selecting the time frame, in the Data picker, the selection is applied immediately, the “Update Date” button is being removed.
  • When the file is deleted manually, previously, the UI was giving an error - the error is now fixed.
  • Infinite scroll is now working when grid view is selected.
  • Renaming the tab “Children” with “Hierarchy”. Displaying when the root node is without children and the root nodes with children are displayed properly in the hierarchy.
  • Relationship count is fixed and all relationship labels are visible.
  • Various styling issues are fixed.


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