Cognite Seismic Service [Limited Availability]

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Hello we have very good news for you, Seismic Service reached Limited Availability. What does it mean for you? A more mature and resilient Software as a Service offering supported by Cognite, and only one step away from being general available. In this particular case the main difference between Limited and General availability relies on the specific cloud support vs a cloud agnostic offer. 

Why was the Seismic service built? Because seismic data is a key asset for many companies in the Oil and Gas industry, and it represents a big portion of the data a company might own. The reason for this is that seismic data by nature is very large and complex to store and access quickly. In Cognite, we built the Seismic Service that allows you to store data in the cloud, search for a particular seismic line and stream it in seconds. All these functionalities are powered by CDF. 

Seismic Service enables you to: 

  • Have centralized access for 2D and 3D post stack seismic data

  • Full control on who access the data through entitlement management

  • Cut and download on demand

  • Smart resource usage during data ingestion

The Seismic Service provides full flexibility to build your own workflows to manage your seismic data on top of CDF, by exposing it through a Python SDK and a GRPC API. 

Feel free to let us know if you think this service might be a good fit in your business or if you have any questions related to it. 

On behalf of the entire Seismic team, we hope the service is beneficial to all of you. 


Elka Sierra - Group Product Manager for Subsurface (Oil & Gas vertical)



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