Cognite Reveal 4.0 SDK

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We’re excited to announce the release of the Cognite Reveal SDK, version 4.0, which includes new major features and improvements to enhance the performance and richness of your 3D application.

The Reveal SDK now supports 360𐩒 images, which allows you to display high-detail views of real-world environments and objects. This feature provides a more immersive visual experience, and the users can see the site in full detail. By placing the images in a 3D context, finding the relevant images and navigating between them feels intuitive, and the users won’t get lost while jumping between images.


We’ve also made improvements to the fidelity of point clouds through Eye-Dome Lighting. This technology allows for more realistic and detailed 3D models, resulting in a better overall user experience. Eye-Dome Lighting also makes it easier to get a sensation of depth and to distinguish individual objects from each other.4ReeMBB8Q8Uw5dHVFb2ASNLuvhjCIBXXLKhf0q-gOnwDP-J2WgXn6baqs5gCgFWAeRt6NASb1Kn_k_GM2KhE8nyKYa6kfnAor7ZiIE-leepv6YcdK7UoYc0ZxecAscy58o7ihyt03byfqOMG_uc1SLSLxZf0BHVPgakSMVLU5B1PleZPnbBrNXSrZBxR4g

Reveal 4.0 also adds initial support for contextualized point clouds, which enables you to generate high-resolution 3D models of real-world environments and objects. This feature allows you to attach information about equipment in your laser scans, and the users can interact with objects rather than individual points. Currently, there are no user interfaces in Cognite Data Fusion for managing point cloud object definitions. We will work to add tooling to help accelerate the use of these features in the coming months.y4Melq6nBymOhwDE5g3DFZ-vsrCAknQ_NXt-o1WkUCNXNnyPjNTcbHy68v4oXLsWrYse_BytTCcO1uMlpU4Y0euFMmyKvB08Ticd1KrjReCbmUSChKOcUkPSkbROKl4aTL2ABTN5eAMZXMjege9TFQekmGFsL_C60tm8jMpeShZtbZiJUKZ-yMd0HC1DkA

We highly encourage you to try out these new features in the latest version of the Cognite Reveal SDK. As always, we very much welcome your feedback and suggestions for future improvements. You’ll find more information in the changelog and the documentation.

Best Regards,

The Cognite Reveal Team


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