Cognite InField 10.15.5

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Hello! It’s Nicklas from the InField team here to share a bit of good news: InField 10.15.5 has just been released 🎉

Based on feedback from users of InField, our developers took some time to squash some pesky bugs with this version of InField. Two related bugs were causing problems for users on Apple iOS devices (such as iPads):

  • Checklist items set to OK on an iOS device did not appear as complete when the items were synchronised with a desktop
  • Checklist items added on an iOS device disappeared if you refreshed the page on the device

It took a bit of time to diagnose the cause of the issues, but we narrowed it down to connection issues between the iOS device and the InField database – they should now be fixed! A big thank you to our eagle-eyed and diligent users who reported these bugs! 👍🏻

We also added a nifty little keyboard shortcut in this release. This update helps the users speed up the process of deleting multiple archived checklists by selecting a checklist under “Archived checklists” and pressing the Delete or Backspace key on the keyboard.

Speaking of shortcuts, let’s end this release note with a quick InField tip! 💡 Did you know that you can set a task to OK just by holding down on the radio button for a second? It saves you a click!

Feel free to let us know what you think about this latest release in the comment section below.

On behalf of the entire InField team, we hope you enjoy using InField and ave a great day out there,

Nicklas / Designer @ InField

InField updates automatically to new releases, to make sure that you always have the latest and greatest version. Remember that you can always find the latest news about InField in our “What’s new?” section for InField on

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