Cognite Discover Release 1.36.0

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Cognite Discover Release 1.36.0

Cognite Discover Release 1.36.0


The Cognite Discover version 1.36 is ready and available.


  • In Stick Chart Viewer, 

    • Integration of stick chart summaries for 

      • Casing

      • Hole section

      • Mud weight

      • Highlighting events

    • Mud weight is shown in the casing plot track

    • Thinner FIT & LOT track and on the right of the casing track

    • Casing details is further simplified without Inner Diameter

  • PPFG and Geomechanics provide view of uncertainties

  • Well Reports present clearly reporter’s name

  • Wells and wellbores can be searched by name and Unique Wellbore Identifier (UBI) or Unique Well Identifier (UWI)

Fixed Bugs 

  • NPT events are now correctly visible in Stick Chart for specific field

  • FIT and LOT shown on Geomechanics view 

Thanks so much Gwen!