Cognite Discover Release 1.35.0

Cognite Discover Release 1.35.0

The Cognite Discover version 1.35 is ready and available.



  • Add report button in NDS/NPT/3D detail screen to open report menu
  • Stick Chart
    • Add rig name in stick chart view
    • Add total days next to wellbores name in stick chart view
    • Total depth is shown for each wellbore in green on the Casings plot.
  • In 3D View, 
    • Casing size for OD and ID displayed in fraction for casing details and 3D View.
    • Casing info on card at the bottom left with Outer Diameter or OD
    • Inform users that only NPT and NDS events along the trajectories are plotted.
  • Maximum Inclination angle range for well characteristic filter correspond to data
  • Improved speed in author filter for documents
  • Update on Equivalent Departure equation
Stick Chart with casing along with Total Depth in green, FIT and LOT data, NDS events and trajectory information

Fixed Bugs 

  • Stick Chart 
    • resolution of issue observed when in meter unit for leak off test (LOT) and formation integrity test (FIT) values when moving from measured depth (MD) to total vertical depth (TVD)
    • Resolution of issue observed when switching from MD to TVD related to duplication of some casing elements for some Gulf of Mexico wellbores
  • PPFG and Geomechanics show curves and LOT & FIT
  • Issue reported for Raven field selection has been resolved with viewing several regions for one specific field. In general 1 field should correspond to 1 region. In this case, due to data issues, 1 field has 2 regions. The front end now manages the situation of 1 field and multiple regions. 
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