Cognite Discover Release 1.34.0

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Cognite Discover Release 1.34.0

This document objective is to communicate the Discover new features, enhancements and bug fixes.



  • Leak of Test (LOT) & Formation Integrity Test (FIT) in Stick Chart

  • Hole section is displayed in Stick Chart next to Casings in measured depth and total vertical depth

  • Resolution of the casing size labels next to the casing shoes

  • Casing plot displayed in measured depth and total vertical depth

  • All wells and wellbores present consistent names across the application

  • Improvement in the navigation between well record and map

  • Simplification of casing details with no min label displayed.

  • Casing details are displayed in decreasing outer diameter order

Fixed Bugs

  • All LOT and FIT measurements are now properly displayed in Stick Chart. Some validation ongoing to ensure that they can be displayed in measured depth and total vertical depth

  • Geomechanics and PPFG data are correctly displayed

  • Resolution of some casing element duplication

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