Cognite Data Source for Grafana 2.0

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Custom Query Math

Many of you have loved our Cognite Data Source for Grafana because Grafana provides an incredibly fast way to create interactive dashboards.

We are now pleased to announce the new major release of Cognite Data Source for Grafana 2.0, making your data-driven dashboards even more powerful.

This release brings support for CDF API v1 capabilities as well quality of life improvements.


  • Bring new filtering capabilities from CDF v1 to Grafana. As a dashboard creator you are now able to use all currently available filtering capabilities from CDF v1, as well as any filters added in the future without needing to upgrade.
  • New improved custom query expressions with support for synthetic time series in CDF.
  • Plot time series containing string values through new map() function. The function lets you convert string values to numeric representation.
  • Support for Grafana 7.0 (opens new window).

Find out more about new features and improvements in the release notes.

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