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Cognite Data Fusion Roadmap - August 2022

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In the first half of 2022 we have delivered some powerful capabilities to Cognite Data Fusion. Based on your feedback, customer insight and our strategic priorities, we shipped new functionality like no-code data analytics tools and convenient hosting of Python models, and expanded capabilities in data onboarding, 3D, and transformations. So far this year we've delivered on 9 of the ideas you've given us through the community. In addition, 23 of your ideas submitted in the community are either under construction or planned for development, worth a total of 149 votes from you and your peers. Thank you for your valuable contributions so far!


This post is a summary of our main areas of improvement going forward. The main themes of Cognite Data Fusion for the next period are:

Improve the User Experience. Invest in a more holistic product experience, with improvements for developers, data scientists and domain experts

Streamline data onboarding. Great first experience when implementing Cognite Data Fusion - with delightful and fast onboarding of new data

Empower the builder. Reduce the cost and complexity of building solutions inside and on top of Cognite Data Fusion


Roadmap Highlights


Model your own industrial reality

We aim to increase the flexibility in Cognite Data Fusion’s data modeling capabilities, enabling you to:

  • Scale your digital solutions across plants and sites by abstracting the underlying variations across systems into a single, stable data representation. Autogenerated SDKs provide an accelerated path to developer productivity

  • Model the industrial reality the way you understand it, and according to your industry domain language and standards. Based on your own company standards, or international standards such as CFIHOS, ISO, CIM, etc.

  • Easily build, manage and version data models that power your solutions both in a collaborative user interface ‚Äď or deploy as code for version control and traceability

Understand and find the data you need

  • We will expand the data exploration experience in Cognite Data Fusion with enhanced search and filtering capabilities¬†

  • Powerful search for documents with automatic classification and filtering based on metadata and information extracted from within the documents¬†

  • Incorporate visual data and 3D to visualize, navigate and focus search for contextualized data. Traverse the knowledge graph to understand the structure of your data

Improvements to Access Control

  • Securely share data with customers and partners for collaborative scenarios with enhanced granularity on data access control with identity based access control with row-level security


We look forward to sharing more on these capabilities as they mature and are released. If you want to follow our development and shaping of these and many other features of Cognite Data Fusion, use Cognite Hub to engage with us and stay up to date with the latest developments.


Cognite Roadmaps are forward-looking and subject to change.

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