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Cognite Data Fusion - June 2021 update

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This release of Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) sees Charts released into general availability for all customers. Also, we're adding a PostgreSQL gateway to ingest data into CDF from your existing ETL solutions.


Charts released into general availability

This release sees Charts released into general availability. We're gradually rolling out Charts to our customers, and it may not yet be available in your CDF project. We plan to have Charts available for all projects by June 10.

Use Charts to explore, trend, and analyze industrial data. Find, understand, and troubleshoot for actionable insights from time series and contextualized engineering diagrams already in the CDF portal application or other Cognite applications, then share the chart for collaboration. Charts runs securely with a single, secure sign-in.

Learn more in the Charts documentation, and join the conversation in the Charts community on Cognite Hub.


CDF Transformations now support OpenID Connect

You can now use OpenID Connect and your existing identity provider (IdP) framework to manage access to CDF Transformations securely. We currently support Azure AD, Microsoft's cloud-based identity and access management service.

When you have registered CDF Transformations in Azure AD, users can sign in with their organizational ID to transform data in a CDF project.

You can update existing transformations that are currently using API keys to use OIDC client credentials instead.

NOTE: CDF projects running in Google Cloud Platform need to be added to an allowlist (sometimes called a whitelist) to support scheduling of transformations using OpenID Connect. Contact your Cognite representative to be added to the allowlist.

Learn more in Setup and administration with OpenID Connect.


PostgreSQL gateway

Use the PostgreSQL gateway to ingest data into CDF from popular ETL solutions. The CDF resource types appear as tables in the PostgreSQL database and you can ingest data directly into CDF resources like assets, events and datapoints and to Cognite RAW.

  • We currently support Azure Data Factory as the ETL tool.
  • The PostgreSQL Gateway is intended for ingestion only. We do not support querying data from CDF using the gateway.

Learn morePostgreSQL gateway


Grafana - nested variables

In Grafana, you can now link variables and use the value of one variable as input to another.

Link variables

Learn moreNested (chained) variables

Sneak peek at the new interactive diagrams experience

We’re excited to give you a sneak peek of the latest redesign and enhancements to the interactive diagrams experience before it’s released publicly. We encourage all customers to try out the new features and give us feedback to help us make them better!

New floe


Power BI - templates

We have added support for Templates in Power BI to early adopters. Contact your Cognite representative to give it a try and share your feedback!

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