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Cognite Data Fusion - February 2021 update

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Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) is the industrial data operations and contextualization platform that makes traditionally siloed operational, engineering and IT data instantly available to users across the organization, enabling better decision making and intelligent workflow automation to improve operational performance.

This release focuses on improving usability across CDF as well as laying the foundation for future features. We are also very proud of our Cognite Power Bi Connector, which is now certified by Microsoft.


The Cognite Power BI Connector is out of Beta

We're excited to announce that Microsoft has certified the Cognite Power BI Connector and that the connector is now out of Beta. The Cognite Power BI Connector enables data consumers to easily readanalyze, and present data from Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) in compelling visualizations in Power BI Desktop and the Power BI service.

You can find the connector in the Other category of the Get Data dialog in Power BI. Learn more in our in-depth article.

Enrich contextualized assets with 3D models

Increase the value outtake of contextualization by connecting assets to a 3D model with the new easy-to-use option under Match entities in the CDF user interface. Visually inspect assets and zoom into details to get tangible information.

Learn more: 3D contextualization

3D Contextualization

Accelerate finding and filtering relevant data

Finding the data you need is now even easier in the CDF Data explorer. Navigate between different parts of CDF with the new drop-down navigation in the top bar and shift between multiple CDF resources with more descriptive tab names.

New nagivation

Use the new Quick search in the top navigation to search for the resource names and explore data from anywhere in CDF. Filter on metadata and hide the empty fields for any resource and show aggregated values of metadata keys for assets to get unique values ordered by frequency (if enabled in the API). You'll also notice that date points are added to the time series sparkline to better visualize missing data for a given range.

Quick search

Learn more: Data explorer

Labels and relationships in SQL transformations

Create and delete data related to the Relationships and Labels resource types when you use SQL queries in CDF Transformations to transform data from the CDF staging area into the CDF data model.

Learn more: CDF Transformations

Enhanced results page for entity matching pipelines

Get more information about the results, rules, and rule conflicts for matches from your Entity matching pipelines in CDF and improve rule predictions by selecting particular matches to CDF.

Learn more: Entity matching


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