Asset Performance Management Release - Cognite InField: February 2023

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What is the Cognite Asset Performance Management (APM) portfolio?


Cognite Asset Performance Management addresses common business problems faced in the asset-heavy industry, such as aging assets and workforce, increasing maintenance costs, and unplanned downtime. Cognite InField, Cognite Maintain, and Cognite InRobot are workflow applications in this portfolio. Read more about Cognite Asset Performance Management (APM) portfolio here


Built on Cognite Data Fusion®️, InField equips your field workers for digital transformation. Cognite InField is built for execution of maintenance activities and operator rounds out in the field, enabling the field workers to be as efficient as possible by making relevant information available everywhere. Here's a list of the new Cognite InField features delivered in the last quarter. 


New & improved 3D viewer

Loading a 3D model is a heavy constraint on the InField machinery, and you've probably experienced a time lag when you open or navigate a 3D model. We've made substantial changes to the 3D code, and you'll now get much better performance when you open and search in a 3D model, both from a PC and a mobile unit.

Turn on and off the new ghost mode option to grey out all the 3D geometry apart from the asset you're currently viewing. This is the only asset that will stay highlighted.


Mark remaining task as…

Use the new option Mark remaining tasks as... to set the same status for all tasks that haven't already been set with a status. You can do this for tasks within a checklist or a section. Select More options in the checklist or section header to find the menu item.



You can also overwrite statuses already set on a task by selecting the checkbox Apply to all tasks in the checklist/section.



You can, for instance, use this functionality if your system has a shutdown and you want to skip tasks planned for the shutdown period or if you've worked on all tasks within a section and want to set the same status on all in one go. You'll find this functionality both on a desktop and on a mobile unit.

Updated help options and new E-learning course

You can find more links to useful information under the Help menu.




The Cognite Academy has recently launched an InField e-learning course which is great for refreshing your InField knowledge and getting new ideas and inspiration on using InField. You can watch short videos and test your skills in a demo version of InField. We’d recoomend you to check it out!



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