How to configure CDF as datasource to grafana

  • 2 February 2024
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Hi team, 

I am trying to connect CDF as data source to Grafana but i am unable to do that i am  getting Authentication to data source failed error.

I am using same oauth credentials which were i used before in python sdk to extract assets and time series data but in this case  those credentials are not working . My doubt is am I need to register new application in microsoft azure entra id or not?????


Best answer by Dilini Fernando 28 March 2024, 09:48

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3 replies



Your API host seems to be wrong, try using (according to the image you send) :

Also the Token URL seemes wrong to me. It should be in the form:<your-tenant-id>/v2.0/token


Hope that helps!



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I hope the above helped. As of now, I’m closing this topic. Please feel free to create a new post if you have any questions.