Extracting asset data from engineering data sources like PI&D documents

  • 7 December 2023
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We are delving into the specifics of using Cognite for certain use cases and have identified the necessity for automatically extracting asset data from engineering data sources like PI&D documents. Are there any features available to facilitate this?

For instance, our clients possess numerous PI&D documents and require automatic generation and structuring of asset hierarchies.


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3 replies

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Hi All,

As no one has responded, I am presuming that this feature is not available and may not be needed for Cognite right now. Unfortunately, this client has an ongoing use case that requires accessing assets from P&ID as they lack another data source for it

Hi @Andre Alves,

Apologies for the delayed response. Regarding your question, in the current API beta, you have the option to utilize the /detect endpoint (with `patternMode` set). This endpoint accepts example tags and identifies other tags in engineering diagrams that follow a similar pattern. For instance, providing the sample tag 21-PT-1019 allows the detection of tags with a format of 2 digits, 2 letters, and 4 digits.

Additionally, there is an ongoing initiative to automate the extraction of asset tags and establish relationships between them. We're actively working on this, so stay tuned for more exciting developments.

Best regards,
Que Tran

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Thank you very much for your help, @Que Tran .
That is what I was looking for—great news.