Cognite InField: Write Back to SAP for Notification

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It is important that the operators are able to write back to SAP from the field during operator rounds or checklists.

This is, as you know, Ibrahim, thoroughly discussed between us and is something that we’ve made arrangements for. I guess you mention this for the benefit of any other parties that may have perspectives on this functionality. 

Yes, thats correct. Thank you

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@Kristoffer Knudsen  please update us on status on this. I thought we were going to get this started in Q1 2023. 

Hi @ibrahim.alsyed! I believe the plan that was sent over by Marius prior to Christmas still stand, that we want to have write-back of Notifications to SAP triggered from InField during H1. In accordance to that plan a Celanese specific execution plan will be ready during February. 

@Anita Hæhre can you change the status to planned for development?

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We discussed internally with Ram and agree this is a high priority for Celanese. 

Hi @estanko - this is already developed and available for selected Celanese sites, so I will update this request. 

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