Cognite InField: View/Approval Restrictions Based on Discipline

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On behalf of Celanese InField super users:

I would like to see some functionality in InField that limits who can view and approve checklists based on discipline. An example of this is when a checklist has been opened from a maintenance work order. The process team captains should not be able to see these checklists in their “Checklists for approval” tab or even have the ability to approve any checklists that are owned by maintenance. Can the approval rights be restricted based on maintenance?

Infield team, this is a key request. This segregation of approvers in different departments segregated and approvers only able to see the checklists of their group is a necessity for adoption.

Hi @crgomez13 ! Thanks for highlighting this, we’ll look into how we can solve it. 




NewGathering Interest

Hi @crgomez13 - cleaning up some old requests. 

In InField, these two views are currently separated, meaning that the process team captains won’t see the work order checklists in their overview. We also restrict “approval” for those that are checklist admins. Is this request still relevant?