Cognite InField: Site-wide Asset Hyperlinking

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On behalf of Celanese Clear Lake InField super users:

When creating a template in InField, I want the ability to link assets across the site regardless of my unit. Some assets are shared between multiple units (i.e Utilities/LDR & Shipping). Other assets may be aligned to one unit but maintained by a different unit. By having the units and their associated assets in silos, this could lead to potentially losing out on valuable data.

Hi @crgomez13 - thanks for the feedback. Today, this logic is controlled by how the asset hierarchy is modelled in Cognite Data Fusion, e.g. every asset below the root node “AAS” can be “linked”. I agree that it makes sense to de-couple this logic, such that you are able to maintain an asset that is not aligned with the unit. We’ll see what we can do here. 

a possible scenario would be to allow navigation of the full hierarchy and not limit it to an asset node.  

Yes, that could make sense 👍 Currently the logic is built around the concept that each real-life facility/platform is modelled as the root asset, and then we search all assets beneath that root. This logic made sense in O&G, as each platform is “decoupled” from the rest (easy to say platform A = root A), but probably something we need to re-evaluate now that we see several units (roots) within one facility that have dependencies on each other. 

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