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On behalf of Celanese Clear Lake InField super users:

When creating a template in InField, I would like the ability to create branches of logic for specific checklists items such as an “IF” statement. This feature would allow me to have certain line items appear only if a specific response is provided. In InField’s current state, I can only provide “N/A” as a response for items that do not apply given the current state. This can make the checklists longer than they may need to be. An example of this can be as below:

  • Is pump seal leaking? (If  yes, please complete the following.)
    • Leak report filed?
    • Time detected?
    • Time corrected?

Hi @crgomez13 - thanks for the feedback. We’ve seen the similar need for these “if statements” before, and are thinking around a concept for it. Do you know which Unit that at Clear Lake that has brought this up? Thanks! (cc @Nicklas Lind

Hi @Kristoffer Knudsen - this particular use case has been brought up by multiple units across the Clear Lake site. The most recent being the Utilities unit as well as the LDAR team in which their checklists utilize “condition based” inspection tasks.

@crgomez13 is filing a report of leak a paper? maybe we need to also look at the process.

but i agree we need to allow this

@crgomez13 is filing a report of leak a paper? maybe we need to also look at the process.

@ibrahim.alsyed yes, they currently do this via a “Leaker Log” that is maintained at the unit. This is a potential use case that we are looking into for digitalization to InField with the LDAR lead.

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