CDF Files: Adding File Size & Content Attributes (number of pages, file md5, file size, etc.)

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Request: CDF automatically generates key file attributes when a file is uploaded related to file content and size, including but not limited to:

  • file size
  • file md5
  • number of pages in a file

Use Cases: 

  • file md5 - to compare files and eliminate duplicates
  • file size - to identify broken files and auto-delete them
  • number of pages in a file - contextualization of 50+ page diagrams requires a different method (uses parse_diagrams) than contextualization of diagrams with less than 50 pages. Number of pages in a file will be necessary to determine what method of contextualization is needed and currently there is no way to do this (manually or automatically). 

Currently these attributes are implemented manually, but it would be incredibly useful and more efficient to have this information automatically available in technical workflows. Furthermore, in the case of contextualization of 50+ pages, it will be necessary. 

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