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  • 29 September 2022
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Your product ideas makes our products better! 

We are committed and excited to develop a better product, better applications and solutions for, and with you, and the rest of our community. Our Product Ideas category is the best place to share your requests and discuss them with other community members and our product team. Share the feature requests you’d like to see in our products, applications, and solutions, and support ideas submitted by others by upvoting them. We review all product ideas, and we’ll engage with you about your idea to make sure we understand your use cases and needs. 

Before you submit product ideas, search first 

We hope you have checked if someone has already submitted a request like yours 🙂. If you find your idea submitted by someone else, upvote on that idea instead of submitting the same idea again. Add comments to the thread should you have more on your mind.  

Describe your idea with as much detail as possible 

It will help us better understand your requirement(s) if you share your user story: As a ˂role˃, I want to ˂function˃, so that ˂benefit˃. The more detailed your description, the more likely we and others will know what you mean (and the higher the chances someone will vote for your request).

One idea at a time

Please do not submit multiple ideas on one topic. Otherwise, it will not be clear which feature is being voted on and/or implemented.  

What’s the process we use to evaluate product ideas?

When you submit a new idea, it will have the status NEW. The product team will have a look at your request and possibly ask you some more questions to make sure we understand it. After the first review, we will change the status of the request to reflect our plans with it.

An idea will get one of the following statuses

NEW The idea has recently been submitted.

GATHERING INTEREST The idea has been reviewed and is open for discussion and voting. This means that we think the request is interesting, but we are not ready yet to decide whether we can do something with it. This means that we could want to wait for more feedback/votes. It can also mean that this idea does not fit our product strategy at the moment, but it is something we might look at later.

PLANNED FOR DEVELOPMENT The idea represents valuable functionality for a substantial set of users, and has been incorporated in the product roadmap for future development. The idea could also actively being built by product engineering.

PARKED Parking an idea can be related to several things, such as it not being spot on with regards to our planned roadmap, capacity constraints within the field, technical dependencies we need to resolve before we can pick it up, or return on investment. We hope that you are not demotivated when one of your ideas receives this status. We probably even liked your idea as well! And who knows, it could very well be that the reason for refusal might be reverted in the future. 

CLOSED We reviewed the idea, but we’ll not work on it as it isn’t part of our core business/product vision and/or can not be prioritized. Duplicate ideas will be merged.  

IMPLEMENTED The idea has been implemented and is available. 

Product feedback review 

Two times a year, we’ll review all ideas with the statuses Gathering Interest and Under Construction. We will also communicate this in a dedicated half-yearly overview. We choose to leave ideas with the status Gathering Interest as long as we still believe this might be something we pick up in the future. 

How many ideas are being implemented? 

We’re committed to working on your valuable product feedback. It’s tough to predict how many requests will be implemented when, but it’s important to understand that posting an idea on the board does not come with guaranteed delivery. The product ideation board is a tool we use to manage and communicate with customers and partners about product feedback and better understand your challenges with our product, applications, and solutions. We try our best to balance requests that push us towards our product vision with those you specifically request on Cognite Hub. It’s important to keep this into account when managing your expectations. 

Your opinion 

We are curious to hear your feedback on our product ideation module and processes. Would you like us to handle things differently in regards to product feedback? Did we fail to review your product idea? We look forward to your feedback! 

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