Is cognite an open loos or closed loop solution ?

  • 9 February 2024
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Can Cognite Write back to the controller? 

Or in other words, is it just an open loop solution or can be integrated to work as closed loop system ?


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Hi Ankit,

The short answer is that in some cases yes, CDF can be used to write back e.g. set points to a controller, though that is not the typical use case. We also have customers doing write-back to SAP to update status of e.g. a work order.

What is important to have clearly defined is what the master system is in a given scenario. CDF is typically used as a system to aggregate data across sources and give a system-level view that allows you to make better decisions. CDF is not a real-time, closed loop system and is not made to guarantee that operations are executed. There is also not an audit trail that will allow you verify operations history. However, if you have a set point in a controller that is normally manually set and where audit is not necessary or handled in the controller, CDF can be used to write back a new set point.

Typically, CDF is used to do an aggregate analysis across data that cannot be consolidated elsewhere and then the vendor’s control systems are used to update the controller as the automated write-back step is typically not the highest value in processes where CDF allows improved analysis.

This was a generic answer, Happy to respond to your specific case if you want to share more details.

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Thanks, Greger. This is much helpful.