• 24 April 2024
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Hello, Cognite Data Fusion Community!

I am the Digital Transformation Practice Director at Actemium, where we are passionate about harnessing the power of the Cognite Data Fusion Industrial DataOps Platform. Our mission is to empower our customers by unlocking the full potential of their industrial data.

As the Digital Transformation Practice Director, I’m excited to collaborate with the Cognite Data Fusion community, explore innovative use cases, and drive impactful transformations. 🚀🔍🛠️

2 replies

Hi Bruce!

Great to have you onboard and looking forward to working with Actemium.

I lead our EMEA partnerships and had the pleasure of speaking with one of your Actemium colleagues this morning. Let’s have a connect and discuss Actemium in EMEA.



Hi Kathryn! 


Thank you for the warm welcome! 

We’re excited to work with CDF and build a great partnership. I represent our Digital Transformation Practice here in the North American pole, specifically in the North-East region for the US. I would be happy to setup some time to talk and share with you some information about my team, where we are at, and where we are heading. I know the Actemium NA pole may fall out of your EMEA regions, if you prefer I meet with someone else, that is OK as well.