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  • 15 March 2023
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Hi Team,


Need SSL Certificate to access page from secure corporate network. Would you please help how to get it?


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9 replies

Hello Raju,
I suspect this is related to some firewall rules on your corporate network. Are you trying to access the site directly from you PC, or from the VirtualBox VM?

In corporate network some security must be there , it can not be opened as home network , as we need to conduct the training in office premises , we need SSL certificate to open this page. pls help how to get it.

Hello again Raju, I have attached the certificate from the site. If this does not suffice let me know!


Thanks for sharing it, will check and update.

Hi Team,

Would you please check if there are any options to conduct the CDF  training using Cloud instance not using the local instance VM from Cognite side?

Hello Raju,

There are no technical reasons a cloud instance or even running it locally on the desktop does not work, it just easier to ensure consistency and a working environment using the provided VM. We also have some experience with this setup so our instructors are better able to provide some support on the environment if there are issues.

We have a list of requirements that can be used to set up alternative to the VM, for example using Azure Bastion, but it you will have to take responsibility for setting it up. I may be able to help test such a setup if I can get access.

Setup instruction for local setup can be found here:



Please let me know is it mandatory to get access  website to pursue the training using the VM? We are having issue to access the site from corporate network. Do you have any offline repository of the docs ? Pease share it  , I will download and make it available offline .

Hello Raju, it’s not the docs as such that are required, but the API required also exists behind the same site. So in other words yes it would be required. A workaround that has been used by Accenture US was to switch the VM network settings to Bridged mode when accessing this site. Its a bit inconvenient to switch back and forth, but it may be worth testing if you manage to get access? 

Hi, I continue to follow up on e-mail.