Uploading CSV to Staging Area

  • 15 November 2023
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I have been trying to load a CSV file into a table while going through the Cognite Data Fusion Fundamentals course. I have tried for over an hour to load the data correctly. One of the column headers adds 2 commas after the text and is throwing off the SQL formula. 

I am using the stock CSV file provided in the course, loading it straight from my desktop and not making any changes to the file itself. 




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4 replies

Can you please share the file or link for the course so that I can try to help you. I tried to upload multiple file prior and it worked for me. 

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Hello grc5084, 

Thanks for posting your question here.
CDF solution is working fine, please can you try again to upload the in the CDF-fundametal project in CDF.
Make sure to download the file from the lesson attachment and follow the course instructions.



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Hi @grc5084,

Did the above help you? 



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Hi @grc5084,

I hope the above helped. I’m closing this topic now, please feel free to create a new post if you still experience problems.

Best regards,