Facing issue in ML model deployment

  • 26 September 2022
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Hi Team 

I am trying to deploy ML Model into the AIR but Creating Env Variable Step is showing the error. 

Also attached image consisting issue details.




Best answer by Hamdi Elhamdi 28 September 2022, 13:35

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14 replies

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This seems to be an issue with the poetry virtual environment being broken in githib actions and as a result it is not installing the correct packages. Is there a reason why this may have happened? did the poetry file get updated and the lock file was not updated to match the new poetry.yaml?

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@Hamdi Elhamdi @Bert Verstraete tagging for context.


@Dhande Rushikesh  can you share the link to the GitHub repo ? 

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Could you also send us a link to the repository so we can take a look ? :) 

Repository link

i don’t have access to view the resources!


Can you share your ID so that I can give you the access to this repo.

@Dhande Rushikesh i do have access now, it was provided by @Arun Arunachalam .

@Hamdi Elhamdi
Thanks for the updates. Can you please ping me once the issue is resolved.




@Hamdi Elhamdi

Any updates on this?


The issue was resolved :

Ok thanks for the confirmations…
I will try my deployment now...


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@Dhande Rushikesh I believe this has been solved, correct?

@Carin Meems Yes it is resolved…