InField 2.0: Visualization of custom state selection history

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In InField 2.0, there is not a way to visualize past values of OK/Not OK or for custom state selections like Yes/No or Pump A/Pump B or High/Normal/Low. 

In InField 1.0, we at least had the ability to see In/Out/Up and High/Normal/Low as time series. 

Learning facilitators, team captains, and engineers would like a way to visualize custom state selections and the history of selections. This was brought up originally in a discussion group for Celanese, and we were encouraged to post as a general product idea on Hub.

Hi Marcela,
Just a formal note to confirm that your request has been received and recorded in our prioritisation system. @Kristoffer Knudsen or a colleague will be back in touch on the topic.

Kind Regards, Glen