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  • 9 April 2021
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Hi Community Friends! We thought it might be nice to know who’s who, while we’re actively engaging in our community. I’ll start! My name is Anita, and I’m your Community Director. I joined Cognite in September 2020, and jumped right on the mission of establishing Cognite’s customer community. I’ve worked in a variety of industries, and am passionate about working at the crossroads of sustainable business development and digital transformation. I live in Lommedalen, Norway (translated “the Pocket Valley”), where we have long winters with deep snow. I love horseback riding (Islandic horses in particular), and I have a passion for Italian wine and food.

Here’s a fun fact: my grandfather’s brother, who was raised in the remote mountains of Hallingdal in Norway, worked as a chemist with Thomas Alva Edison. The letters he wrote home made me realize from early on that no matter your background, you can change the world. I’m super excited to facilitate for all of you to meet, discuss and learn from each other, driving the next industrial revolution together! 

Let me know if you have any questions, concerns or just would like to say hi. :blush: Looking forward to meeting you all!


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Hello everyone! 

My name is Eric, and I’m a Product Manager working in the Process Industries CDF Extension at Cognite.

I joined Cognite in September 2019 and have worked with several teams on different aspects of the Cognite Data Fusion product including contextualization, data exploration, and most recently charting & time series analytics.

Prior to becoming a product manager, I’ve worked as a UX designer, marketer, and a brand & business strategy consultant. I’ve worked with and within a wide variety of industries and companies. From disruptive startups to industry-leading corporations.

I was born and raised in California but traded 72°F (22°C) and an ocean breeze for four seasons in Norway about five years ago. And I've loved every minute of it.

Alongside my time as a Cogniter, I’m a traveler (if/when possible), foodie, photographer, and designer.

You'll typically find me in the kitchen testing or inventing new recipes. Some of my favorite conversations are those about cuisines of the world, craft beer, mixology, or my work as a proudly self-appointed ambassador of Californian wine. I'm also a self-taught photographer who's particularly fond of film and the challenges it offers. And I enjoy designing posters and art — especially when it comes to converting my wife's creative ideas into pixels and print.

Looking forward to (e-)meeting you all!

- Eric

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Hi all,
My name is Mateusz and I am Customer Success Director at Cognite.

I joined in March 2019 and ever since I am facilitating digital transformation across the energy industry - renewables, grid, oil & gas. Prior to Cognite, I worked at GE Power designing and servicing power equipment worldwide.  Happy to contribute and support any utilities or energy players tinkering with software to digitalizing their O&M activities.

Outside of work, I enjoy running and cycling across the Swiss Alps:) 

Looking forward to meeting you all!



Hey Community,

My name is Darius Alix-Williams and I am a Data Scientist at Cognite USA. I work out of the Houston office, helping a range of customers primarily in oil and gas, but also in manufacturing and wind energy. I’ve been at Cognite for a little more than a year - working officially as a data scientist, but unofficially as a data engineer, software ninja and brand ambassador.

When I’m not coding or in meetings, I’m with my dog Remington. Yes, I am one of those quarantine pet parents who couldn’t handle the solitude of the stay at home order and bought a pet. Remington is a hoot - very smart, but also pretty stubborn. I can’t blame him - he takes after me!

I’m excited to see all the amazing things users across the globe are doing with Cognite Data Fusion. 

-- Darius

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This is Preston Johnson.  I am a Solutions Manager at CBT and work from my home office in Austin, Texas.  I have many years in the condition monitoring and reliability arena, both with rotating assets and stationary assets.  I have enjoyed the beginner learning modules as a way to get introduced to the core functionality of CDF.  I have a bit more learning ahead of me, and look forward to applying CDF to industrial monitoring applications.  

All the best, 


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Hi @preston.johnson, nice to meet you, I'm Kelvin and I'm responsible for monitoring applications at Cognite. I can recommend this training - and I'd love to hear from you with comments or feedback! I've been thinking if we should add something about equipment health monitoring in the training. In your opinion, would that be useful?

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Thanks for the link @kelvin .  I see you have added several additional courses on technology, data science, and applications.  I look forward to exploring these.  

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Hi all, my name is Jo and I am the CTO in C4IR Ocean (a collaboration between Aker and the World Economic Forum). We are building the Ocean Data Platform leveraging Cognite Data Fusion. Right now we are really looking forward to the new geospatial APIs in CDF. This is crucial for many of our use-cases within ocean sustainability. For instance, we have «planetary scale» datasets for ocean physics, biodiversity, regions and much more. Some of the datasets have up to 4 billion observations varying in a 5D space like latitude, longitude, depth, time and variable. The new CDF geospatial capabilities are awesome even though it is still in an early phase. You can read more about us at www.c4irocean.earth.
Btw, we also made this cool PoC in collaboration with Microsoft and Cognite……real time emission trending of 250000 ships.

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Hi @Jo Øvstaas, great to have you here! We’re so excited to see C4IRs engagement on hub, looking forward to continued good discussion topics!