Can I use Asset Hierarchy in Grafana

  • 15 March 2023
  • 6 replies

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My Question is :


Is it possible to use  Asset Hierarchy in Grafana?

I found many things related to timeseries  but not related  Asset Hierarchy to Grafana.




6 replies

Can you clarify what exactly would you like to visualize?

Is it to find and then display a time series in the asset hierarchy, or only to show assets themselves?

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I like to select assets: so asset will be like filter and then I want to show timeseries like this 


Have you looked into “nested variables” approach?

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According to the documentation I have put this  Why its throwing syntax error?


My Level1 is 


Userlevel 1
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Hi @nabanitakar,

I will create a Support ticket, so our team can follow up and help you.

Best regards,

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Thanks. One more help needed .

Can I add event as Global variable.?

How ? 

this event variable not working