Asset Performance Management Release - Cognite Maintain: February 2023

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What is the Cognite Asset Performance Management (APM) portfolio?

Cognite Asset Performance Management addresses common business problems faced in the asset-heavy industry, such as aging assets and workforce, increasing maintenance costs, and unplanned downtime. Cognite InField, Cognite Maintain, and Cognite InRobot are workflow applications in this portfolio. Read more about Cognite Asset Performance Management (APM) portfolio here


What’s new in Cognite Maintain

Built on Cognite Data Fusion, Maintain provides performant contextualized data and a modern interface for your maintenance  planning and scheduling processes. Cognite Maintain is  a planning tool initially created to plan maintenance work orders. The new version of Cognite Maintain helps you plan and optimize plans with any type of activity. Here's a list of the new Cognite Maintain features currently being worked on: 

Prioritize your backlog

  • Group, filter, and sort activities to show what is important across the multiple lenses.

  • Save your layouts, such as your preferred filter, grouping, and the data you want to show in Maintain

  • Visualize the grouped data  in the Gantt chart to see timelines across all activities.

Plan Creation and Optimization

   Create plans tailored to a set of activities. For example: 

  • Plans by discipline

  • Plans by a timeframe

  • Plans by location

    Use the comparison module compare the activities in a plan to:

  • Activities that occur in the same timeframe

  • All activities in the backlog

The comparison module can be used across lenses, such as 3D, 2D, and in the standard Gantt chart/table view.

The System level mapping feature  shows how equipment is connected. You can, for instance, use this to find out if other activities related to a system will be affected due to work on a piece of equipment.

In addition, you can use the Plan Analysis, and Resource Allocation to determine whether a plan is feasible or not according to your resource constraints. 

Work preparation and execution

When you’ve created  a plan, you must make sure that you have all the necessary work preparations done and that the activities are ready for execution:

  • Use the  canvas to see and open all the documents needed for an activity

  • Create isolation boundaries by utilizing the annotation feature in the canvas mode

  • Find the material status for an activity

  • View the site in 3D to make sure you are ready to execute the activity

We will shortly announce the release date for Maintain 2.0. Let us know your thoughts in the comments:) 



Happy to be part of this journey codeveloping the product together with the smart Cognite team. Looking forward for version 2.0 and supporting our business even more.

@Christoph looking forward to our continued collaboration in evolving Maintain!

It is important that the data is reconciled with SAP/S4 i.e. written back. This continues to be a challenge

@ibrahim.alsyed: fully agreed, we can discuss about this also in the upcoming CAB in person.