Who can use Open Industrial Data?

  • 18 July 2022
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Hello Cognite Community! Izabela Hawrylko here, Cognite’s Partner Development Director working with our Application and Industry partners. In my day-to-day work, I’m joining forces with other digital disruptors to build “Partner+Cognite” technical and go-to-market strategies for end-to-end industry solutions solving most pressing industrial challenges.

I can imagine you might be wondering who Open Industrial Data (OID) is for. Anyone who is an industrial data enthusiast. Curious mind interested in better understanding the industrial reality. Are you an Independent Software Vendor building solution and applications for heavy-asset industries? Market Incumbent looking for data to experiment and drive innovation for your products and services? Researcher? Student? We have created this project for you to explore real-life industrial data streams and experiment with analytics, building new algorithms and creating visualizations.
Join hundreds of other industrial data enthusiasts and dive into a digital representation of Valhall oil field and its industrial reality.

For companies interested in partnering with Cognite on our mission to solve data problem for heavy-asset industries, with the help of Open Industrial Data project and our API documentation, you can easily create a productized connector to Cognite Data Fusion you and your customers can use to easily leverage clean, contextualized data residing in Cognite Data Fusion for further visualization, analytics and insights. 

All you need to do is to sign up to Cognite Hub to gain access to OID.

Potential users include:

Industry Incumbents

  • Explore the potential of an Industrial Data Platform

  • Get a better dialog with data from industrial sources in a programmatic fashion

  • See how advanced visualizations unlock the value of data

  • Pay it forward by getting involved in the OID project and sharing your own data sets to the public

Application and Solution Developers 

  • Get familiar with Cognite Data Fusion industrial data model

  • Discover new types of data you can use to enrich your solution/application

  • Assess the value of easily accessible, clean, contextualized data for the speed of implementation of your application/solution 

  • Explore how Cognite Data Fusion can help you scale your solution across assets and customers

Researchers and Data Scientists 

  • Use live industrial data to enrich your research

  • Evaluate state-of-the-art models and algorithms on real, reliable live data


  • Test your algorithms and applications on real industrial data

  • Speed up development of new products and services using an industry-proven DataOps foundation

Curious Minds

  • Discover what live industrial data looks like and experiment with visualizations

  • Use this data to develop your own algorithms and insights.


Take the data and learn with it. Show us what you find. We’re excited to see what's possible!

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