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  • 3 January 2023
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Hi @Stig Harald Gustavsen , 

I was wondering whether you could help me understand a bit more a couple of time series related to energy consumption for cooling and compression in the first stage compressor , and also if we can see/infer the Barrel of Oil Equivalent (BOE). 

for instance, I do not understand the diff between this time series:

  • VAL_23-KA-9101-M01_active_power_kW 

  • VAL_23-KA-9101-ASP

  • VAL_23-KA-9101-ESP 

Also, I see that Valhal is powered from shore via a 294 km long DC cable with 78MW capacity from Lista, but the compressor seems to “only” consume 9MW on average - what are the other large energy consumers on Valhal ?

many thanks, 



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Hi @Alex 

Since the gas train is mainly for the gas and NGL, and by looking at the ration from here you can try to infer the oil production from the valhall field. but then I would use VAL_23-FT-92512:X.Value (ext_ID: pi:160182, ID: 622801209626283) although the unit is not set on the timeseries, I’m quite sure it is Sm³/h. this is then the gas from the first separator stage only, since the gas from the ejectors (2. stage separator and from closed-drain- / “flare knockout”-drum) is not metered by this Flow meter, and currently are not available in publicdata. so a complete metered volume balance of the system is not existing now form the timeseries available.

When it comes to the differences in the power timeseries. I’m not quite sure what the differances are. But I will do some digging, and see what ill figure out. usually there is active power and reactive power, but theses shaft powers could maybe be assumed inn and out of the gears if there are any losses, but I don’t know yet, but will hopefully come back to you with some more information on it.

What other large consumers on Valhall now, well this compressor is one of four compressors in the gas train on Valhall. and then there is utilities and crude oil export pumps that also consume a bit. it is worth to mention that the heat from compressed gas form the four compressors is used to heat up the multiphase (inlet heater) and liquid streams (interstage heater between 1. and 2. stage separators) such that the heat energy is not wasted from the compressors. 

Additionally there will be built one more processing platform (PWP production wellhead platform) with its own gas train, that will also consume power from this cable. 

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many thanks for the elaboration @Stig Harald Gustavsen much appreciated!

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Anytime @Alex 😊 Hope I figure out something more on the effect timeseries.