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Your expertise can make a difference! By sharing your best practices and insights on Cognite Data Fusion, you position yourself as a leader in the community. Your contributions bring new perspectives, address gaps with unique use cases, and collectively grow our knowledge center.  

To share your best practices, simply click the + Create Topic button. Provide a brief description of your topic and its value, and include specific insights or tips—whether through a video, article, infographic, or interactive content. Keep it concise and focused on a single topic. When sharing, remember to select the How-to Guides category and add relevant tags for better categorization.


All approved contributions will be marked as "Community Contributed" to acknowledge your valuable input. If your content aligns well with our educational goals and quality standards, we'll add and publish it in our Quick Videos Library on Cognite Academy. Contributors of published modules will be awarded points on the Cognite Community.

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