What is the Cognite Asset Performance Management (APM) Portfolio?

  • 16 February 2023
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Cognite Asset Performance Management addresses common business problems faced in the asset-heavy industry, such as aging assets and workforce, increasing maintenance costs, and unplanned downtime.


A challenge to close the improvement loop

Solving the current business problems spans three main business processes; reliability, maintenance, and operations, forming an industrial improvement loop. However, it’s  challenging to close this improvement loop due to siloed architectures, siloed tools, and manually orchestrated processes where often excel and paper-based knowledge gets stuck.




Cognite aims to systematically bring these industrial processes together to create a dynamic and optimized asset performance management process that keeps improving. 


Unlock your tribal knowledge to complete the APM data catalogue

Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) ties together unstructured and structured data to make a complete APM data catalog. However, CDF can only do this in conjunction with applications anchored in industrial processes, capturing and structuring tribal knowledge, which today resides on paper or in spreadsheets. This results in a living APM data catalog that facilitates a continuously improving industrial learning loop.

Cognite InField, Cognite Maintain, and Cognite InRobot are workflow applications solving specific user challenges. At the same time, they are building towards optimized asset performance management through capturing siloed and unstructured data, enriching the same APM data catalog. CDF facilitates real-time monitoring of the APM data catalog and associated troubleshooting and root cause analysis support.


Stay tuned for more updates on our complete APM offering here in the community shortly.

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