What is included in "Duration" of a Cognite Function?

  • 26 June 2024
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Our project uses Cognite Function scheduling to deploy data to CDF, and we struggle to understand what the “Duration” of a Cognite Function actually represents. I have attached a screenshot showing one of our function calls, printing the duration of various function from our source code. As you see the duration of our source code takes 2+ minutes, but the call of the function itself takes less than 2 minutes (start at 7:40 and end at 7:41). Is there a distinction here between what is actually run in the backend, and overhead in terms of instantiating a call to the Cognite Function? Can anyone explain the apparent deviations?





3 replies


Also, our function counting alarms uses multithreading for parallel processing. Running locally takes significantly shorter time than Cognite Function calls. Have anyone experienced runtime issues when using multithreading together with Cognite Functions?

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Inside CDF Functions, you can click on the function details tab and see that each function only runs on one core and 1.5 GB RAM so I don’t think parallel processing will work on CDF Functions. 

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