Retrieving file sizes for CDF files

  • 21 December 2023
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Hi Team,

I am trying to get details of broken files uploaded in CDF . Is there any way to query actual file size from CDF using python sdk without downloading the file? Please add a feature to query file size using python sdk to get the corrupted/broken files.


Thanks in advance.


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I cant see that the API has a way to get the file size without downloading the file. 

It seems like a very useful feature to have though. 
If this is a one time cleanup job, it would maybe be ok, though time consuming to do len(client.files.download_bytes(file_id=file_id)) for all the file ids?

You can get the size using the Documents API. List documents gives you the size (in bytes) in `sourceFile`.`size`. 
You can also use the Python SDK.
Example code:

from cognite.client.data_classes.documents import DocumentProperty
from cognite.client.data_classes import filters

file_id_filter = filters.Equals(, YOUR_FILE_ID)
doc = client.documents.list(filter=file_id_filter)


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I also just now learned that you can send HEAD requests to the download urls, like this:

def get_content_lengths(client, external_ids):
urls = client.files.retrieve_download_urls(external_id=external_ids)
return {
external_id: client.files._http_client.request("HEAD", urls[external_id]).headers["Content-Length"]
for external_id in external_ids

This might be a workaround if the files for some reason are not available in the documents API. If they are in the documents API, this should require the fewest requests. 

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Hi @Rajeev z ranjan,

Did the above help you?


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Hi @Rajeev z ranjan,

I hope the above helped. As of now, I’m closing this thread. Please feel free to create a new post if you have any questions.

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It hasn't helped.