New Feature: CLI for Data Modeling (via Templates)

  • 3 March 2022
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We are happy to announce a new CLI tool for managing your Template Data Models. This should help you in developing an application, and we hope to also make this tool useful for data science workflows as well.

Here’s the link to the public documentation for the CLI

Installation instructions

To install, make sure you have Node (at least v14) installed

and then run

npm install --global @cognite/cdf-cli


yarn global add @cognite/cdf-cli


Key features:

This CLI is meant to be an additional tooling that allows you to do everything the UI can.

1. Logging in/out through the CLI for users and machines (Users for local workflow, Machines for CI/CD)

2. Managing Templates via CLI  - docs

  • Creating, deleting and listing templates

3. Development Workflow via CLIdocs

  • Initializing workspace
  • Code generation


Please comment and add any request or comments around features below or as a new topic in the group. This could be around documentation (new guides), feedback about experience or new features. We are listening to every comment you share!

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