How to generate a client secret for Open Industrial Data?

  • 4 November 2022
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In Open Industrial Data (OID), we have moved away from API keys. Open Industrial Data currently supports Open ID connect. You can check out more on how to configure OpenID Connect on Open Industrial Data.

If you are planning to use OID and authenticate using client credentials flow, you will need a client secret from the app registration on the Azure Active Directory. Go to Open Industrial Data and you will observe there is a widget for generating a new client secret ID

In the drop down, you can select two options:

  • Other: Use this if you are using Postman or Python SDK
  • Javascript: Select this option if your app is in Javascript

Once you click on Create client secret, this will be display just once. Make sure to save it somewhere safe.

Let me know if you have any questions 🙂

6 replies


Hello @majofoal ,

I can't find any create client secret button while practicing on learn project, hence i got stuck. 

Any help ?

Below image is the project homepage.


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Hi @Victor Alozie , you are working in the learn project that’s dedicated to the CDF Fundamentals learning path. As I responded in the other thread, you’ll find the instructions to generate a client secret in the Generate a client secret lesson in the Working With CDF: Integrate course. If you’d like to explore Open Industrial Data, you can generate an API key for that project here on Hub, in the OID Community. Please note that is a different CDF project than the one your screenshot is from. I hope this clarifies the client secret creation process. Don’t hesitate to ask more questions. Good luck with the courses on Cognite Academy!
Enikö from Cognite Academy


Hi @Eniko Farkas

Thanks for your reply, i've created the client secret ID, now i'm having challenges running the transformation.

Below is the error message that i got 

I appreciate your help again


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Hi @Victor Alozie

I see that you have used the name of your dataset Victor1991-AvevaNet instead of datasetID, which is 3674225048538729. I have replaced the name with the ID, and was able to run your transformation successfully. 

Please let us know if you have any questions! 
Best regards, 


The widget for creating a client secret is not working.  It results in a pop up with no client secret displayed:


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Hi @Jason Schern , the widget works on my end. It took a few seconds for the client secret to appear. Could you try again? If it doesn’t work, could you share the browser you’re on?