• 10 March 2023
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Hi, I would like to understand the relationship of OSDU x OID? Are they competitors, the differ on, pros x cons..


Thanks in advance..


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I’ve never heard about OSDU, but in the Forum members i found cognites logo. hope someone in Cognite knows what is going for OID’s prespective :) 

But this is interesting. is there any good information on how you want to explain this?  

But CDF is quite the platform and data source agnostic tool so I could see alot of the data thats shared in OSDU could be replicated in a open CDF project to even make it easyer to work with the data :) but its always fantastic to have more open industrial data.  

Have you worked with any data sets? are there alot of raw data there? 



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maybe even data form Osdu can be filled into publicdata aswell? :) 

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@Stig Harald Gustavsen thanks but I found my answer. I thought the OID was sort of the foundation of the CDF, but I was wrong. OID is just a way Aker and Cognite uses to share data for research purposes.

This link gave me more detailed information about it. 

cognite_co_konsus_25291_v05 ( 

I knew OSDU had been found several years ago as the collaboration among operators, service provides, techs, and academy when open-source came across the oil & gas industry. 

Many unified data platform launched commercially till now used the standardization, data schema which have been defined and developed from the discussions, meetings, agreements of that association.